Social Isolation and Dementia

Here at Viva, we recognise that Social Isolation and loneliness in old age can be a serious issue for elderly people and their relatives. This has of course been compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has vastly reduced the opportunities available to elderly people for socialising and taking part in activities.

We know that loneliness is a substantial health risk – equivalent in terms of impact on life expectancy of being a moderate smoker.

Loneliness and isolation in elderly people is a vicious circle. Loneliness puts individuals at greater risk of cognitive decline. And conversely, people who suffer from cognitive decline are more likely to feel isolated and often lose touch with friends and family, or experience social withdrawal.

Can companionship help lessen the effects of isolation on elderly people?

Yes, regular social contact and keeping mentally and physically active are fundamental ways of minimising feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

This is where Viva Independent Living can help. 

Our companions can be booked on a regular basis, or as and when required. For an elderly person, just knowing that they’ll be spending a couple of hours a week in good company can lift their spirits and give them something to look forward to.

We’ll be there to support your elderly loved one and help them maintain their independence. Often it’s the simple things like going shopping, partaking in hobbies, visiting the doctor, or just having a chat and a laugh which help the most.

And knowing that your elderly parent or loved one is having their needs met can take the stress off your shoulders. Leaving you free to enjoy the time that you do have available to spend with them.

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Case studies of some of our clients 

Read on for some examples of the real difference our professional companions have made to the lives of older people in Edinburgh. There are more on our testimonials page

Contact us today if any you think loneliness, isolation or dementia might be affecting your elderly loved one.

I recommend Viva highly for their very professional and caring approach

I am so grateful to Viva for all the visits and trips out which my Mum obviously enjoyed. It was lovely to be told about what Mum got up to through the weeks. Whenever Mum was taken out by a Companion from Viva they always managed to have a laugh about something. My Mum is quite witty in the moment despite living with dementia.

On one occasion they played dominoes and apparently my Mum thrashed Jackie (her usual Companion) despite Mum saying she couldn’t remember how to play. My Mum would have loved this feeling so much.

Then, unexpectedly, I needed to travel to England for personal reasons and Viva were able to step in and do the food shopping for Mum as I was not able to make my usual visits. Viv also checked whether there was anything else they could do to help whilst I was away. This was tremendously reassuring and I recommend Viva highly for their very professional and caring approach.

Judith C, East Lothian

Mum hugs her companion like one of the family

My Mum suffers from dementia and is cared for at home by my Dad. My Dad is very fit and plays golf twice a week. My sister and I help out as much as we can to ensure that Dad always gets to play golf as we feel it is very important for him to get time away from the daily stress of caring for Mum.

If one of us is away on holiday or has arrangements it can be very difficult so Viva has been a great help to my family and taken away the pressure on Dad. Viv has a lovely personality and lots of patience and when Viv arrives to collect her, Mum hugs her like one of the family. I can highly recommend Viv and Viva to anyone looking for extra help with an elderly parent.

Fiona C, Edinburgh