Elderly Companion Service in Edinburgh

Person-centred companionship services to enable elderly people to live independently

Sometimes you can’t always be there for a senior family member. Modern life is busy and it can be hard finding the time to help a loved one with necessities like shopping, appointments and even just having a blether over a cup of tea.

This is where Viva Independent Living can step in. We don’t replace you, but we complement what you do so you know the older person you love is getting help from another source.

This eases the strain on you.

And it means that when you DO have time, it can be quality time spent with a loved one – rather than catching up with their day-to-day needs.

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Our standard service consists of a 2 hour visit

How does it work?

When you book a visit from a companion (what is a companion?), we will arrange a time to suit your elderly relative. Standard slots are 2 hours long, and longer appointments are available.

Regular clients will have the same companion each time, this helps their routine and enables them to build a friendship bond. (holiday cover can be arranged when our team members have time off).

What do we do?

To give you a taste of the types of activities our seniors ask for, here are some examples of what we might do during a ‘normal’ week:

  • Drive to Peebles to allow client to meet up with an old friend
  • Drive out to Dobbies Garden Centre for plants
  • Chiropodist visits
  • Hair appointments
  • Visits to the Botanics and Craigie’s farm for lunch and a stroll
  • Checking provisions / fridge etc and stocking up on what’s needed
  • Helping a client bake
  • Reading to a client
  • Play scrabble and dominos
  • Stroll for daily newspaper with coffee stop
  • Singing together 😊

We will always keep you and your family fully updated with what your elderly loved one has done each week.

What areas do we cover?

Viva Independent Living provide companionship services for elderly people in Edinburgh.