Companionship care service for seniors and elderly people in Edinburgh.

What we offer:

Viva Independent Living provide companionship care for older people in Edinburgh. We fill in the gaps where, for example family members are simply too busy to offer day-to day help to an older relative.

We are not nurses or carers, nor are we home helps. Rather, our companions provide the essential human contact everyone needs. We enable older people to continue to live independently. And more importantly we support them to live a fulfilling life, following their interests and hobbies.

Can we help you?

You might find our service valuable if:

  • You are caring for elderly parents
  • Your career or work commitments make it difficult to find the time to visit an elderly loved one
  • Your elderly relative in Edinburgh would benefit from some company or assistance with day to day tasks
  • You are going on holiday and can’t be there to help
  • You, yourself are an older person who would like some company; help getting to and from appointments; someone to join you in your hobbies etc

We believe that every older person has the ability and the right to lead a fulfilling life.

As people get older it isn’t always easy for them to do everything they would like to do – especially if they live on their own. Loss of independence can often lead to unhappiness, loss of confidence and even poor mental and physical health. Family members who want the best for their older relatives may not be in a position to assist as much as they’d like.

Our objective is not to replace families but to complement them.

A professional companion can transform an older person’s life. Regular social contact not only empowers an elderly person, but having a companion can also reduce feelings of social isolation and loneliness. This in turn leads to improved mental wellbeing, and a greater sense of independence.

We have two missions

To be a ray of sunshine to the person we visit.

We have succeeded when our clients look forward to seeing us. Our visit should uplift their day and let them feel good, laugh, smile, have a good chat, or do something they otherwise couldn’t. We help them feel part of the world rather than cut off from it.

To ease the burden on families.

Visiting an elderly relative as often as you would like can be difficult. Modern life is busy; many of us are juggling jobs, children, and many other things. Stress is never far away. This is where Viva Independent Living can step in. We don’t replace you, but we complement what you do so you know the older person you love is getting help from another source. This eases the strain on you.

What is Companionship Care?

Our companionship service for the elderly helps to provide the human contact which everyone needs. Sometimes simply having a good chat over a cup of tea is all that’s required to keep social isolation at bay. However there’s more;

We hug. We talk about things that matter. We go shopping. We sort out problems, we put the world to rights. We go for walks and visit places together.

We can accompany your loved one on hospital visits. This means family members don’t have to take time off work – so you can relax and use your time together for things you both enjoy.

We read to your relative, we hold their hand, we laugh with them. We sort out stuff they can’t cope with any more.

And we always let you know how they are, after a visit.

What areas do we cover?

Viva Independent Living provides its companionship services throughout Edinburgh.

All our services are available on a regular or one-off basis. This flexibility gives you choice and peace of mind knowing that we can help your loved one on a regular basis or just when a particular need arises.