We believe that every older person has the ability and the right to lead a fulfilling life.

Viv Bagley with a Viva Independent Living client

Welcome to Viva Independent Living

Independent living services for elderly people in Edinburgh

Viva Independent Living provides befriending and companionship services for the elderly.  We understand that as you get older it isn’t always easy to do everything you would like to do – especially if you are on your own. Viva also recognise that this affects not only the older person themselves but also their families who want the best for older relatives but may not be in a position to assist as much as they’d like.

Viva can provide help enabling older people to live the life they want by providing befriending and companionship services on a regular basis, or just occasionally, such as when loved ones are on holiday, ensuring peace of mind for all concerned. Our objective is not to replace families but to complement them.

Our services are very flexible and include the following:

  • We provide friendly, practical help and can:
    • Accompany to medical or other appointments so that family members don’t have to take time off work or disrupt other arrangements – especially if they don’t live nearby
    • Provide companionship and befriending services for the elderly or arrange outings which allow other family members respite
  • Shopping Trips
  • Co-ordination of travel arrangements with family
    • Getting you to the train / plane
  • Assisting with deliveries etc
    • So that you feel safe and confident dealing with strangers

  • Continuity
    • The same person will build a relationship with you
  • PA / organisational services 
    • Help pay bills, filing etc
    • Help with correspondence
  • Assist with technology
    • Email, internet, online shopping etc
  • Making calls to you at pre-arranged times
    • Alerting family, friends or neighbours in the event there is a problem or you don’t answer.