These are the precautions we are taking due to the Covid-19 pandemic

23 Sept 2020

From 23 September, we are still able to make home visits ‘to provide essential care and support .. and to deliver shopping to a vulnerable person’ for example. We will keep the appropriate distance from each other (no hugs yet I’m afraid!) and appropriate physical hygiene measures are followed.

All of the Viva Companions will use extreme caution about their own health. If they feel they have any of the Covid 19 symptoms (persistent dry cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell) they will not visit and they will take a Covid 19 test. Our companions will not do any visits until the test result is received and will go into quarantine if it is positive.  They will also be alert to the health of others in their households.

During visits I’m afraid we will have to keep a 2m distance – I know this will be hard for everybody but we must do it. We will thoroughly wash or sanitise hands before and after each visit and, if you wish, wear a face mask.

The key to the next few weeks will be good communication. If there is anything we think you should know we will tell you. All of our Companions will be very alert to their health (they will take their temperature every day) and the health of those around them. What we would ask is that you tell us if there is anything we should know. 

If the person we are visiting; anybody in their family; or anyone who has been in close contact with them is showing Covid 19 symptoms we need to know.

We are very conscious that every person and family have different views of the right balance to strike in how we all behave during the emergence from lockdown. We will be very careful but we cannot tell you there is a zero risk in your elderly relative meeting with a Viva Companion or anybody else.  If you would prefer to wait before starting or restarting visits we will entirely understand.

Please get in touch to discuss any questions regarding our Covid-19 policy.