Just a selection of testimonials from Viva Independent Living’s satisfied clients.

“Viv and her team are compassionate and caring.  They take a genuine interest in their elderly clients and have a flexible approach.  My mother-in-law has developed a real rapport with Tracy which helps to put her family’s mind at rest that she is in good hands.”

S. Philipsz, Edinburgh March 2019

I can’t recommend Viva Independent Living highly enough. Viv has provided day to day help and companionship to my mother for many years. As I live in London, her advice and support across a wide range of practical and emotional issues has been invaluable. Nothing was too much trouble and in times of difficulty, her flexibility and commitment went way beyond her remit. I always felt that she had my mum’s best interests at heart and that commercial considerations were not her primary motivation, to the extent that both Mum and I see Viv first and foremost as a friend. My mum is now in care home in London and the things she misses most is her chats with Viv. I think that says it all.

Andrew November 2018

“My Mum and Dad were a close couple, loving and caring for each other for over 50 years. In time old age began to show as Dad was losing his memory and Mum was becoming less physically able – it was a good match as they could support each other – Mum making sure that life carried on as they grew older – making arrangements, socialising, planning meals and days out. After Mum died it was obvious that Dad couldn’t manage on his own, I arranged for carers, help with cleaning, all the household stuff. But it didn’t touch on some of the real issues – hours on his own during the day with a declining memory and less ability to make decisions. I looked around for companion care – there were too many websites, all a bit corporate, and then I was recommended to Viv at Viva Independent Living. 

The first time we met I was taken with Viv’s focus on talking to my Dad. It seems a natural thing to do but most professionals I had been dealing with focused their conversation on me – talking about Dad rather than to him. I then mentioned that he had a couple of hospital appointments coming up – Viv asked for the details and as I handed over the cards to her I felt an incredible sense of relief – and exhilaration – as if I had been given a special present. It was exactly the helping hand and support I had needed since Mum died.

A week or so later, Viv was only getting to know us and Dad had a few issues, I texted Viv at 8:30 one morning to let her know there was a problem. She called me back immediately and asked the simplest but most powerful question  “How can I help?”. 

Since then Dad and I have been blessed with Lesley and Viv sharing their time with Dad. His life is enriched by their visits, they play dominoes, go walks, chat and I know there is a lot of laughter. I have peace of mind not just for those hours, but also beyond – as I know now that I am not on my own.”

Linda Somerville, Edinburgh 27th August 2017

Viva Independent Living was recommended to us for our Mum and we would highly recommend it now to others.  The service has been tailored to meet our Mum’s social needs and keep her safe by caring for her.  This offers Mum company to “do what I want to do – go for walks with the pleasant ladies”, shopping and having coffee and a chat.

Viva has provided Mum with a new lease of life at a time when she needs increasing care.  Thank you Viva.

W Ramsay, Edinburgh July 2017

I can’t recommend highly enough the care and attention Viv and Liz are giving my Dad.  Very professional and warm personalities are making all the difference – highly recommended!

S Wood, Edinburgh 2nd June 2017

“I was recommended to meet Viv through a friend when I was finding it hard to be there for my housebound Mum due to work commitments. Viv came along, met Mum, and offered to set up a meeting with her colleague, Pat, who she thought would suit Mum and that they’d get along – and they certainly did. The days we couldn’t be there Pat or Viv were there to put on a plate of soup for Mum and have a chat and a laugh. The comfort knowing they were with Mum made a MASSIVE difference to us as a family. It’s hard to admit you need help and then it’s worrying letting someone new into your loved one’s life and trust them. Viv and Pat were honestly a godsend. Over and above all the duties that were needed, the trust and care they both gave my Mum was just so important and I’ll be forever grateful to them both for not only being there, but for advice as well about all sorts of things and a fresh pair of eyes on a situation was just worth its weight in gold. My Mum sadly passed away but she held both Viv and Pat in such high regard as do myself and my brothers. We are forever thankful to you both and, obviously, I cannot recommend Viva enough!”

Mary Mulhern 1st May 2017

“I use Viva Independent Living to ease the care responsibilities I have for my Dad.  I’ve used the company for two years and I book Viv and her team to take my Dad to medical appointments.  I’ve found them to be 100% reliable.  If they are booked, they come.  Viv not only takes the time to make sure my Dad gets to where he’s going in an unrushed, organised way, but also listens to him.  If there’s time at the end of his appointments they go for coffee which my Dad really enjoys because there’s not a lot of his friends around anymore.  I also gets texts after each appointment to give me really formative feedback.  Viv and her team are caring, patient, professional and trustworthy.  I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful company to others.  It’s fantastic!”

Linda Strathdee, Livingston 14th February 2017

“I met Viv after she had been looking after my sister-in-law for some time. My husband and I live in London and, although visit when we can, are not able to give the attention necessary. I had already heard from Lillian how bright, friendly and willing Viv was and her personality was a boost to Lillian’s morale. On meeting Viv I can confirm all of the above and I too enjoy her company. I hope when the times comes and I need a helpful companion that I meet someone like Viv.”

Sally Maran, London 19th January 2017

“A trip to the hairdresser’s isn’t usually anything out of the ordinary (unless there’s a very bad haircut involved!) but an appointment I had a few months ago resulted in more than I’d hoped.

I was talking to my hairdresser about the pressures of looking after my Dad whilst working full-time and she said one of her regulars had left brochures about her new business, Viva Independent Living.  I read the brochure and it seemed to be the answer to my prayers.  I contacted Viv right away and booked her.

Now, instead of juggling time off work to take my Dad to appointments etc, I book Viv.  This has relieved a lot of pressure and means that my Dad has someone new to tell his stories to while I get to keep my annual leave.  I cannot recommend Viv enough as she not only takes the time to make sure my Dad gets to where he’s going, in an unrushed, organised way but also listens to him, and if there’s time at the end of the appointment they go for coffee.

It brightens up my Dad’s day and also alleviates the pressure on both my sister and I.  If you are thinking about engaging Viva Independent Living I’d say go for it – it will be good for both you and your elderly parent.  I now use Viva regularly and would highly recommend this wonderful company.”

L. Strathdee, Livingston September 2015

I have an Aunt, now 94, who was living in a retirement flat in Edinburgh and had carers in 4 times per day.   Aunt E, although she has short term memory loss, is mobile (but requires assistance), alert with a wicked sense of humour but she wanted to get out and about.

It was not easy for us as a family as we all live some distance away so it was fantastic when we introduced Viva to Aunt E and they were able to take her out to various venues for a change of scenery, coffee and great company. There was an immediate connection when Viv first met Aunt E and a spark between the two of them. Aunt E is now in a Nursing Home and Viva still visit her and take her out and she loves these outings.

Viv and Aunt E have become more than friends, Viv has become part of the family now. For me, and the rest of the family, Viva entered Aunt E’s life at the right time (Aunt E’s words, not mine) and they all treat her with the respect and dignity she deserves and I would expect.

N. Macfarlane, Culross September 2015

“Having Viv coming into my home brightens my day. I have found her reliable, cheerful and adaptable. I am so glad I found her. She continues to be a great help to me.

L. Young, Edinburgh August 2015

“My Mum suffers from dementia and is cared for at home by my Dad. My Dad is very fit and plays golf twice a week. My sister and I help out as much as we can to ensure that Dad always gets to play golf as we feel it is very important for him to get time away from the daily stress of caring for Mum.

If one of us is away on holiday or has arrangements it can be very difficult so Viva has been a great help to my family and taken away the pressure on Dad. Viv has a lovely personality and lots of patience and when Viv arrives to collect her, Mum hugs her like one of the family. I can highly recommend Viv and Viva to anyone looking for extra help with an elderly parent.

F. Cairns, Edinburgh July 2015





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