Frequently asked Questions

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A. That’s up to you!  Our customers are generally over 70 but they don’t have to be any particular age.

A. You can either send an enquiry to us via our website or you can telephone us.  We will then either telephone you or email you (whichever you prefer) to make arrangements.

A. If you think you would like to use our services just get in touch and we will come round and see you without charge so that we can introduce ourselves, discuss what you want and agree something which suits you.  We are delighted if other members of your family are there but we want to meet you – and we think that you should meet us too so that you can be confident we are the right people for you.

A. Our normal hours are from 8.00am to 6.00pm (i.e. 4.00pm for the last appointment in a day) Monday to Friday including all bank holidays except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  Our Telephone Service is available between 8.00am and 9.00pm 7 days a week.  Appointments, including extended appointments for existing customers, can take place outside our standard hours by arrangement – we are here to help you.

A. We cannot get involved in the administration of drugs.  We can help you find medication you have mislaid but we can’t, for example, give you an insulin injection. 

A. No we are not.  We have direct experience of looking after children and elderly people – and we like doing that and we think we have pretty good common sense, a sense of humour and some specific skills and experience which will help you.  If you need medical assistance or personal care we can help you organise and access those services but we do not provide them ourselves.  Our purpose is to help those who are a little older – giving them the confidence and ability to live more secure, happy, independent lives.

A. Yes, we do have basic first aid training.

A. Absolutely not.  We think it’s important that we build a specific one to one relationship with you.  We are human and we do take holidays, get ill and have unexpected commitments – that’s why we work as a team so that we can still make sure we are available to help you – but nearly all the time you will see the same person – unless you like seeing different people.

A. Yes we are.

A. Yes we can.  We are fully insured to take you in our cars if you would like that.  We charge 45p per mile plus any parking expenses incurred.

A. We operate throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.  We do not charge to come to addresses within the Edinburgh City Bypass. We now also provide services in the Scottish Borders and parts of Northumberland.

A. Yes, we generally do.  We find that people also sometimes want us to meet them somewhere else and that’s no problem either.

A. We will try three times within half an hour of the agreed time.  If we get no reply we will contact up to three people on your contacts list (which we will ask for before we start) by phone and if we cannot get any of them (very unlikely in our experience) we will email all of them.

A. No problem at all – we find this often happens.