About Us

About Us

Meet our team who provide friendly and caring elderly companionship services.  They will become a trusted and friendly face.

Viv Hardy

Viv has worked in Investment banking for over 25 years working as a PA for directors.  Her daily tasks have involved organising busy schedules, adhering to timescales, arranging travel and generally organising everyone and everything as well as solving problems.  With an upbeat manner, Viv loves life and tackles everything head on.  She cares deeply about people and this is why Viva was created; Viv felt it was time to use the skills she had learned in business to benefit those who needed a bit of help to get the best out of their lives.

After spending 6 years caring and looking after her dad, Viv developed a deep understanding of his emerging needs, prompting her to recognise there was a gap in what help was available. He was mentally alert and content as well as being able to take basic care of himself but, because of his age and the fast pace of 21st century living, he was isolated because he needed to depend on others for a lot of things. A combination of his positive attitude and Viv’s energy and skills meant his later years were happy and fulfilled. This experience inspired Viv with the idea of starting a business which would help more mature people by bringing quality of life back into their lives.  Viv looks on anybody as an individual and believes that everybody has the right to happiness and fulfilment in their lives.

Viv’s interests are her family, walking the dog, reading, meeting friends and enjoying life.

Bryony Stevens

bryony-stevensBryony very much enjoys working with people . She trained as a Primary Teacher over 25 years ago and still works in Education on a part-time basis with children and adults. In the last few years, she has spent quality time caring for her elderly mother, and has gained experience and awareness of the varied needs of individuals in older age. This has inspired Bryony to want to work with other families, supporting their particular requirements.

In her leisure time she enjoys the outdoors, walking her dog, cooking, and meeting with friends.

Lesley Campbell

Lesley enjoyed a busy career as a Personal Assistant in a merchant bank before becoming a full time Mum. She also spent a number of years caring for her own mum and now feels she is able to to give that same care and attention to others.

Lesley`s hobbies include walking and reading and she is a big fan of Zumba!

Tracy I’Anson

Tracy has worked in Customer Service for over 30 years, mainly related to travel, the airport and the airline industry.

She loves meeting people and especially enjoys hearing and sharing stories. Caring and friendly, with a cheeky sense of humour, Tracy likes to bring a smile or two to everyone around her, and has a very positive outlook on life.

She enjoys skiing, Pilates, walking her dog Lexi, travelling and socialising with friends.

Julie Brockie

Julie is a registered staff nurse who, until recently worked on the wards at the Western General Hospital.  She now takes people who are living with dementia on holidays all over the UK.

Julie loves travelling, meeting new people and in her spare time she enjoys cooking and making novelty cakes.

Lesley Fair

Lesley has worked for many years in the hospitality industry, where she managed several teams of people ensuring first class customer service was delivered.

Lesley very much enjoys working with people of all ages and understands the importance of having empathy and compassion for each Individual.

Annlouise O’Neill

Annlouise is a qualified adult nurse, who specialised in elderly medicine.  Since stopping nursing she has worked in her family business for 8 years running the office and has since studied counselling.  Her passion is positive well being in the older population.

Annlouise has also delved into developmental psychological research which shows that regular social interaction is vital to promote positive ageing in older people.

She is a smiling, compassionate person who enjoys spending one to one time listening to stories about people’s lives and histories.

Her hobbies include walking with her border collie Skye, reading thrillers, listening to classical music and spending time with friends and family.